"Saiyed Ali Mira Datar Rahmatullah Alaih"

Let’s be glittered with the spiritual lightening.

The Healing Power of the Holy Lord

Who always surrenders to the Almighty God!

The Holy Shrine of “Saiyed Ali Mira Datar Rahmatullah Alaih” (Astana-e-Mubarak) in Unava Sharif provides a soulful resource and divinity to human contemplation since ages (538 hijri). The supreme soul blessed by Almighty~ symbolizes the utter holiness and magnanimity to the mankind.

Millions of devotees and followers every year across the world visit Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar shrine. Having firm belief that this Holy Shrine is the final destination to all the victims suffering from black magic, unknown mysterious diseases, incurable physical and psychiatric problems. Any first time visitor surprises to see hundreds of psychiatric patients doing strange activities. This happens because of the pious and divine force of Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar, whose Noor (glittering spiritual lightening) has power to destroy all types of witchcraft and demonic forces.

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Our Schedule

Urs Event

  • 25th

    Moharram Urs Event
  • 26th

    Moharram Quran Khaani and Milaad Sharif
  • 27th

    Moharram Roshan-e-Chiraga
  • 28th

    Moharram Flag Hosting Ceremony
  • 29th

    Moharram Mehfil-e-Shama
  • 1st

    Safar Gusl and Sandal
  • 2nd

    Safar Ayat E Karima
  • 3rd

    Safar Special Fateha and Dua
  • 4th

    Safar Niyaaz
  • 5th

    Safar Sandal Sharif - 11 MAZAR